Dobber releases the top 300 keeper league players

By Slopitch on Tue, 02 Nov 2010 13:10:16 GMT

Dobber put out his top 300 keeper league players yesterday.  As usual, its a solid list.  We all have opinions and here are some of mine ...

- Ovechkin and Crosby are are no brainers.  I'm not sure, however, that Malkin (3) is clear of Stamkos (4) anymore.

- Lecavalier (18) is too far removed from being a dominant player.  I wouldn't rank him as high as he is.

- I think Iggy (29) is too high for a keeper league ranking.  He's not the 50 goal scorer he was 5 years ago.

- Gaborik's (38) fall isn't surprising to me.  He has injury risk and that has to be factored into his ranking.

- Is this the last time Kessel (35) is higher than Seguin(46)?  I wouldnt give it long.

- I realize that Taylor Hall (44) isn't proven yet but given the success of recent #1 picks, I don't think there is a chance he slips to 44 in a keeper pool.

- The way he is playing, Chris Stewart (50) is going to shoot up the ranks.  Does he have sustain?  Dobbers +43 relects his surprise start acturately.

- Frolik (69) has potential but he hasnt brought at the NHL level.  Id move him down.

- I think Frolov(76) is too high.  His numbers have been steadily declining and after a falling out in LA 5 points in 11 games doesn't make a strong case that he'll find his old levels.

- Kyle Turris (80) is +103 in the rankings.  Is this finally his year?

- Andrew Ladd (82) is a 2 time cup champ and excellent 2 way player.  Probably ranked too highly offensively however.

- Tyler Bozak (84) has been disappointing so far in Toronto.  How he is ahead of Rene Borque is beyond me.

- Marc Savard (91) could be a bargain buy if you draft counts playoff points.  Picking him up will be very boom or bust but he has always been an underrated player.  If he can avoid another concussion, Savard could be a valuable addition.

- Drew Doughty (102) appears way too low - I'd rather see his list split into forwards and defence.

- Ryan Callahan(119) and Brandon Dubinsky(120) have really stepped up for NYR this year.  Good catch by Dobber on their rises.

- As an owner of Jeff Skinner (126) in my keeper league I've been pleasantly surprised.  He is the biggest riser - up 335.

- I'm also an owner of Filatov (144) and like Frolik all we have left is potential to bank on.

- Tobias Enstrom (160) is still very under rated offensively.Evander Kane (165) actually moved down in the rankings with his start?

- David Booth (184) should be higher and the drop in Dave Bolland (185) is accurate.  Bolland doesn't offer much outside the playoffs.

- If James Wisniewski (247) keeps going, you may see anouther big increase for him next month.


When your making 300 predictions, its easy to pick out a few of them and criticize.  But overall is a good list an a must read for all you keeper junkies!

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